Add crud item to Laravel 8.* + Backpack admin

In order to proceed you should have:
- Laravel installed + Backpack admin (teaching purposes)
- virtual host ready for you
- xampp setup or other web server
- composer installed

# STEP 1. create migration

php artisan make:migration:schema create_tags_table — model=0 — schema=”name:string:unique,slug:string:unique”

above won’twork

php artisan make:migration create_tags_table

The command above creates a migration file for you. It has two important methods -> up and down.

Schema::create(‘tags’, function (Blueprint $table) {

In Laravel you could describe a table using code.
In the snippet above we are going to create two extra columns ->
name and slug, both of them will be string (varchar)
both of them will have unique index.

php artisan migrate

In order to run a migration you need to run the command above ^
This will create a table for us.
If you want to revert a migration you should run

php artisan migrate:rollback

Ok, we have managed to run and revert a migration. Lets run it again:

php artisan migrate

Now, we have the table created. Next step will be to create CRUD.

# STEP 2. create crud

php artisan backpack:crud tag

After running command we have now:
- controller created for us
- model
- request
- views are updated
- route rules are updated

We have now a fully working CRUD.



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