Install Drupal 10 and generate dummy content in 10 min


You need to have
- xampp
- composer — 2.5.4

1. Install Drupal

composer create-project drupal/recommended-project drupal

2. Create a database in phpmyadmin

drupal -> utf8mb4_general_ci

Create a database named — drupal

Create a new use named — drupal_user

3. Alter vhosts file

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/drupal/web"
<Directory "C:/xampp/htdocs/drupal/web">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
AllowOverride all
Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all
Require all granted

4. Install theme

composer require drupal/tara:^10.0

5. Install Drush

composer require drush/drush

5. Generate dummy content

composer require ‘drupal/devel:⁵.0’