Solve the puzzle: MacOS Ventura with Docksal

If you have recently updated to macOS Ventura and you are running projects using Docksal you might face some issues.

  • The project is not starting
  • The composer install is hanging
  • VHost Proxy is not resolving correctly

How to solve this?

  1. Update Docksal
DOCKSAL_VERSION=develop fin update

There is already Release 1.18 — which is not yet official. So in order for you to download the latest changes you have to install the version against develop branch.

2. Once the new version is installed

fin project reset

Don’t forget to reset the containers.

3. Fix the patch command in macOS

brew install gpatch

More on this topic could be found here.

If you are still facing issues, please feel free to comment. The steps above worked for me and several colleagues.