The importance of being “Earnest” in the scope of Software Development

Lyubomir Filipov
3 min readOct 10, 2023

This article is not about Ernest P. Worrell

By the way, if you haven’t watched the movies — I strongly suggest doing so. They were extremely fun back in the day.

This article is not about Oscar Wilde and his play.

But I won’t lie it is partially inspired by it — how Earnest could be treated as both name and quality.

This article is about you as a person in the eyes of others.

The IT/Software developer/Project manager/Architect/Consultant and person responsible for a software project.

Everyone tells you positive things but today during my regular classes with the students at the local university while I was trying to share with them my impressions I realized that it is not common for someone to share what might be negative aspects.

Being Earnest might put you in the wrong position

Everyone likes the “YesMan” but this theory does not work in practice. There should always be a person who says “No” at the right time and place. So our professional job is to consult and state when something does not make sense because of A, B, and C.

Note: I am not saying always be negative, I am saying try to give the right examples to the clients.

Being Earnest means more work

Sometimes you will have to prove to someone a certain point and this process might mean extra work for you. Don’t be afraid of work. It is something that in either way one has to do.

Being Earnest means self grow

The example I gave to my students was the following: If you work for a client always do the best you can, always add documentation, and always make sure that your client knows that if they want — they could use a different supplier. Making sure that the client is informed and everything is well documented, could bring you only positives.

Don’t forget that this demonstrates a good level of maturity and confidence. Also, what might be the worst thing to happen — another supplier could take your work — OK? But that supplier will see what you have done.

In Bulgaria, we have a saying that if you have a good horse even if you put a torn sackcloth on it — you won’t be able to hide it. It is the same with your delivery — no one will say you did a bad job when you did a good one.

Being Earnest gives you the higher ground

It might not be obvious but people tend to realize over time who was good with them and who wasn’t. Who was right and who was wrong. Being Earnest gives you always the higher ground at the end.

I promised myself that this won’t be a long article so be Earnest and keep calm.